“Are You Afraid of the Dark?”…





…cause I am. That show scared the pants off of me. Some of my favorite episodes were obscure-ish. Here’s a list of the ones I remember watching:
tale of the whispering walls
tale of the quicksilver
tale of the crimson clown
tale of bigfoot ridge- hayden christensen
tale of the gastly grinner
tale of the dead man’s float
tale of the midnight madness
tale of the lonely ghost
tale of the night shift
tale of jake and the leprechaun
tale of the shiny red bicycle
tale of the dream girl
tale of the nightly neighbors
tale of the sorcerors aprentice
tale of the dangerous soup
tale of the pinball wizard
tale of the twisted claw
tale of the prom queen
tale of station 109.1
tale of the laughing in the dark
tale of the unfinished painting
tale of the fire ghost
tale of the frozen ghost
(in no particular order)


Vampires vs. Humans



why does this go on so long? haha, my favorite is “tie them to… scorpions”

these guys are slowly becoming one of the funniest sketch comedy groups with viral videos.

Optical Spectacle



my favorite is the gears one.

I once had a Xanga…


So, around 8th grade-ish my friends convinced me to get a xanga blog.  Then xanga got riddled with spammers.  Then my friends convinced me to get a blogspot (originally a Blogger).  For whatever reason, blogging became ‘uncool’ after only a few months.  All of a sudden, almost out of the blue, I have returned to the blogging world.  This time I was convinced by my girlfriend, Emily, whose blog can be found at:


Anywho… this blog is a place to find 90’s pop-culture references, weird facts, my poetry, pictures, links to funny websites I find and especially videos I think are  humorous at the moment.

My favorite color is red, I like to dream that I have superpowers, I play Rockband really well.