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Believer, you’ll leave her, in leaving them all…


(no…but I don’t buy it).  Coheed and Cambria.  Good song.

Very Very long time since  I last posted. I think I just got bored with the whole ‘blogging although no one is reading’ thing.   I will probably be done blogging but who can say how long my hiatus will last this time.  I’m a very fickle being.

One thing I have noticed in the last few weeks is that someone or multiple people has or have been viewing my blog because they searched for “the ghastly grinner” on google and my blog came up in the search results.  now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing… I just can’t believe that so many people are nostalgic for one of Are You Afraid of The Dark’s lesser known episodes.  It doesn’t make sense that there would be such a spike in hits for both my blog and the ghastly grinner.  Maybe it’s me… just sleep google-searching.

If it’s the same person each time, expecting me to post more about Are You Afraid of the Dark or about the Ghastly Grinner… i’m so so saury (canadian for sorry) but i probably am done blogging about the show and that particular episode.  I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME?!!!!