Hey smilin’ strange…

you lookin’ happily de-ranged.  Gotta love polaris from pete and pete’s opening.  they were a side project for the early indie band miracle legion.  I know music.  I’m so hipster.

Anywho, I’m working at UMass Medical now.  40 hours a week.  Pipetting, Centrifuging, Lyophilizing (freeze drying), Refrigerating, diluting, weighing, pooping, labeling vials, smelling volatile chemicals, dancing, replacing stock chemicals, measuring absorbance and fluorescence… everyday normal stuff.  especially the pooping. definitely normal.

Oh, and to follow up on my last post, my paper ended up being about 18 pages, i finished literally 24 minutes before my class.  I ended up writing about 4 pages in the last 2 hours which is pretty good for me, considering my history of procrastination.  I got an A.  Yay!

So lately i’ve been learning some songs on guitar using tabs.  I am not very good, but at least I know it.  I try real hard though.

Also foxes scream like dying women when they try to protect their territory.  I know this because two foxes kept me up until 3:00 last night with screaming.  Great: i’m finally getting over my fear of the dark and now freakin’ foxes are  there to wake me late at night thinking a ghost is attacking me.  Even with the windows closed the sound is still there.

Speaking of X-men, I can’t wait for the new X-men movies and spin-offs which should be coming out in the next year.  Also the marvel movies such as Thor.  Can’t wait.




also check out http://magichugs.com/

awesome comedy.


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