“This is a brand new problem…

…a problem without any clues.  if you know the clues, it’s easy to get through.”  Thank you for that Futureheads.

So, still writing that 20 page paper, it’s looking like it’s gonna be about 15 pages instead.  but that’s okay.  Procrastination!!! (due in two days)

It’s getting to be so nice out I don’t really feel much like writing.  I can’t believe it’s about 80 to 85 degrees out today, it’s amazing.

Most important things that happened since I last posted:

I got an internship at UMass Medical School in a biology lab building yeast coatings for ingestible vaccines.  EXCITING! It’s unpaid however so I am currently looking for paying part-time work.  I applied to Shaw’s supermarkets.  I was encouraged by Emily to reapply because my answers to the personality questions may have been too honest on my part and she felt that a more dishonest but better looking application might get me the job.  She did get the job after all.  She also got a car.  and the internship.  Which means we’ll be living and working together this summer.  Yay!

Second most important things that happened since I last posted:

Empty Set had its D-term comedy show entitled Empty Set Pitches a Tent in the Beer Tree Forest.  It was a series of sketches that were unrelated told as ‘ghost’ stories by the members of Empty Set while we sat around the fire (Greg).  I played a large role in this show, I was in 4 or 5 of our 10 sketches (more roles than anyone else) and was even the main character in several of those.  I believe myself to be a funny guy and I think people are starting to receive my comedy better.   I have certainly gotten more laughs.

We then did a second show on Friday at the biannual Student Comedy Productions Comedy Festival.  We had a 40 minute slot and we had about an hour’s worth of show to do.  It was fun and exciting because it was a big stage in front of a larger crowd than I’m used to.  We presented 3 new sketches at this show but we would have put on 2 or 3 more new ones if we hadn’t been stressed for time.  We finished our bit with an interesting send off game of rake fight for the leaving seniors.

Speaking of leaving seniors, Reid, our current director, is leaving to go back to Washington state so we have to re-hold voting elections to pick a new director, so I could still have a shot.  I still don’t know for certain if I’m ready but I would certainly give the job my full attention.

Now I will close with a dumb yet funny video of some black kids dancing strange.

-ben “need a spotter?” morehouse



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