It’s been a long time…

…since i rock…and…….rolled?  “seriously ben you already used this lyric.  in fact you just used it in your last post.  in FACT it was the heading you used before.” Well at least i don’t talk to myself…SHEESH!

lots to say, lots to say.

so, i just registered for my classes for my junior year of college.  big year.  happening year.  bannerweb, the service our school uses to do course registration, is usually a nightmare on registration night.  luckily being a junior has the added privilege of not having to register at the same time as the sophomores and incoming freshman.  last year was terrible.  i had to wait about 45 minutes before the  website loaded so i could fill in the course registration numbers.   all the while dealing with servers crashing or whatever they do.  this year, i watched the time at the top of the page flip over from 9:59 to 10:00 and i was in and finished by the time it flipped to 10:02.  BOOYAH.  then i went back through to make sure i got everything i wanted and i did.  then i added in the (very) few available gyms: volleyball and walking for fitness.  Looks like i’m overloading with two classes in A-term.  macroeconomics and volleyball so it shouldn’t be too bad.  It feels really weird not registering for classes in D-term, i’m going away to AUSTRALIA!!!! yesss.

We had elections again in Empty Set.  I ran for Director, Producer, SCP rep.  basically everything.  and…got nothing.  I was a little pissed at first because i really am capable of leadership positions, that’s why i ran.  But, looking to next year, i think i’ll have a good chance at something.

I’m taking an inquiry seminar course which completes my humanities and arts requirement.  i have to write a 20 page paper.  i chose a topic i find interesting: natural theology.  I presented today in class.  I made an argument that i find pretty interesting as well: that all -ology’s fall under the heading of science because all ask questions to better understand the world (scientific inquiry) so why when we say theology do we immediately think religion? we should be thinking SCIENCE.  I’m proud to have came up with that one.  Anyway, now that i’m going to be a junior and i have more freedom in choosing my classes because most of the prerequisites are out of the way, i’ve been thinking about minoring in philosophy and religion.  apparently it only requires 2 more religion courses for me to take and another inquiry seminar.  i could do another inquiry seminar….but do i want to?  on top of IQP, MQP work i don’t know if i want another big writing class too.   although it would look good on paper to interviewers and it would show that i’m not just interested in the hard sciences but i can think critically too.  just something i’ll have to think about more… not much time left though….

I bought the game Dante’s Inferno for XBOX and already beat it twice.  it took about 10 hours the first time, 6 hours the second time playing through with loaded stats.  its a pretty interesting game where you fight your way through the 9 levels of hell while fighting off everything from giant worms with human teeth, to aborted and unbaptized babies complete with placentas still attached and…OH Yeah!…blades for arms.   Overall i give it a 9 on ben’s creepiness scale, an 8.5 on the fun-to-play scale, an 8.5 on the graphics scale, and a 7 on the diversity of attacks scale.  they tried to make the game like god of war with the chain-like scythe but its basically the same attack over and over for most of the game til you unlock other moves.  also you get a cross which shoots out a cross shaped beam of light in various directions (if you hold it down) which i have become accustomed to calling JESUS POWER.  this power is unbelievable because it really replaces any other attacks you may think you want to make.  all other attacks are less powerful (for the most part) and shoot over a shorter radius.  the JESUS POWER can even hit the flying bad-guys.

GOODNIGHT!.  yep both an exclamation point and a period.  yep.   .!. i just noticed that looks like a penis.


One Response to “It’s been a long time…”

  1. emilythelime Says:

    Nobody says BOOYAH anymore.

    And also… JESUS POWER was mine. Give credit, where credit is due, friend.

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