It’s been a long time since I…

rock and rolled?  (lyrics people…lyrics).

I bet you thought I was gonna say “It’s been a long time since I….have posted on my blog…”  or something of the sort.  too bad.  I didn’t.  But you already knew that.

Well, lots of shit has been going on.  And I mean shit in the best and also the worst meaning of the word.

Firsty’s:  I got a guitar for christmas, oh yes I did.  And I am grateful I got it, but really it might have been better if my grandparents had just taken me to the guitar store and let me pick one out.  The colors are cool ( black glossy body, marbled white and red pick board).  The problem is that it feels really weird to hold, like its kind of rough on the neck and, well…i don’t know, its just weird to hold.  FUNNY STORY: I broke the 6th string off a few days after getting it, luckily it came with replacements strings.  Unluckily i don’t know how to restring a guitar (and still don’t).  My friend mike and I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to change the string, we even took the back off the guitar to see what the problem was but it turns out that wasn’t really necessary.  Finally got it restrung and tuned and then realized i don’t know how to play guitar anyway.  but i am learning…slowly.

Secondsy’s:  Visited the girly in New York City.  We had a pretty great time except this one restaurant, which offered a coupon online, was no longer accepting the online coupons (it was a pretty significant coupon value and without it, we could not afford the restaurant).  I planned on bringing her back to connecticut on tuesday but then she let me know that we had to stay and go to dinner with her dad’s second cousin’s son.  he’s german.  he’s also like an awesome freelance computer programmer and he’s currently falling asleep on the fold out bed in the living room of 21 Drury Lane.  back to story: so we ate dinner.  then i figured leave wednesday right?  wrong.  thursday?  yep.  so i stayed for a very long time at emily’s appartment and then brought her back to my place in CT where we watched home videos of myself and my brothers.  i took her to kent, CT where i grew up, we visited the waterfall there.

Thirdsy’s (sounds like thursdays): My roommate bryan is being kicked out of the house because of general disrespect and lack of common courtesy as well as breaking one of the house rules.  To keep things simple, he fucked up a good thing early on.  I heard he already has a place to move into but for whatever reason he has chosen to remain here until the end of c-term.

Forthsy’s: I’m going to Australia for my IQP.  Very excited for that.  I like kangaroos.  Next D-term (march through april) i’ll be working on an interactive qualifying project that will likely deal with fire protection.  because apparently australia hasn’t heard about fire -extinguishers yet.  and that really grinds my gears.

Fifthsy’s:  Classes started again.  I think WPI has one of the shortest winter breaks (December 18th through January 14th).  It’s unfair until you realize we also get 10 day breaks between A-B term, C-D term, and also get out for summer vacation on like may 3.  Anyway……….. classes started again.  i tried to get into a physics class and get out of my behavioral ecology class because I realized i didn’t have an interest in behavioral ecology and no need for taking the class.  But i couldn’t get in to physics even though i was on the waiting list.  so i’m stuck in behavioral ecology.  and i’m in a group with people i don’t know.  and we have written a paper and also done a powerpoint presentation…on ants and the fungal inhabitants of their gardens.  wild I know!!!  like I said…i don’t have an interest in behavioral ecology.  I’m also taking organic chemistry 2 with professor macdonald and its going well so far.  i got a 25/25 on the first quiz and i feel okay about the test i just took.  i’m also in experimental chemistry 1:introduction to instrumental analysis, its 3 hour labs 3 times a week.  Its kinda shaky right now.  a little overwhelmed by the post lab questions.

Sixthy’s/Lasty’s:  My comedy group “Empty Set” is doing a show this term with the other two comedy groups “GI” and “Kilroy”.  Its superhero themed.  But the organization of the whole thing does not seem…     organized.

-ben “buys too many rockband songs” morehouse

ps. now that we have a blender, i make applejuice slushies like ev-er-y-day.

pps.   1 year tomorrow. 1 very amazing/confusing/weird year.  🙂


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  1. Mister Man Says:

    ~It only takes threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee seconds~

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