Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks.

So.   I have a Zune. 8 GB.  Red.  I got it about 3 Christmases ago.  I asked for an I-Pod like everyone else had.  What do I get?  A Zune.  But its Okay.  I’ve come to terms with the special ability my parents have.  The ability to buy things that are almost exactly the same as the thing you want, but just a tad-bit cheaper and less universal.  ‘Knock-off’s” if you will.  Not to say that my Zune is bad.  I love my Zune.  Its red.  Its awesome.  It runs out of charge without even being on….It’s awesome.  But in all seriousness, I think it’d be pretty hard for me to get an I-Pod after having a Zune.  I’ve gotten too used to it.

I have only 307 songs, and oh…what’s this?  Its telling me I have 50 pictures?  I never put any pictures on it.  For one obvious reason…its a….music….playing….device.  I’ve only used 1.83 GB’s of space.  Awesome.  I’m so lame with my Zune.  Some of the songs my brother accidentally uploaded onto it.  So not even all that space I used (so much space) is my own.  Also a lot of that space is taken up by the Family Guy Movie which I ‘legally’ downloaded from Limewire.  The other important video to note is paramore-misery business.  I was obsessed with that song for a little while… ok.  fine. still obsessed.

Oh, we’re coming to the point of this post.  And the title.

So, everyone loves Panic!atTheDisco.  But I doubt most people have a shitty-ass live version of Nine in the Afternoon where the lead singer says the same lines over and over again because he can’t remember his own songs.  “Back to the street where we began, feeling as good as lovers can you know, feelings so good.   Back to the street where we began, feeling as good as love as you could as you can?”  I added the question mark.

Anyway, the title of this post is Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks.  An oldy but a goody, I guess.  The version I got from Limewire (once again ‘legally’) apparently is not the original version or at least not the most known version.  My version (probably accompanied by 100 viruses from Limewire) is practically acoustic.  Its like an awkward remix with a techno backbeat that fades in and out as the song progresses and the lead singer really makes it awkward by singing almost completely in a retarded kind of falcetto that really makes you wonder how the band actually made any money.  I can’t be the only one who loves but also hates the sound of Panic at the Disco.  It doesn’t make sense, but I like to listen to the dissonance and the flat notes that aren’t meant to be flat.

Well, my life is going fine if you were wondering, internet.  I got 50 dollars today from my grandma in the mail.  I’m done with my Christmas shopping.

I have a band with my two friends mike and adam.  we’re experimental funk/punk/rock/jazz alternative.  we’re known as Blue Spruce (not to be confused with Big Blue Spruce, a recent band from PA  I play guitar, bass, and do lead vocals.  Occasional keyboard.  Mike plays primarily base, sometimes guitar.  Adam plays drums, keyboard, backup-vocals.  We are so cool.  Adam wants to call the band TCR or TRC or something, and every album we produce will be called something that has the initials T, R, and C.  Dumb.  Blue Spruce is a much better name for a group that gets together two or three times during winter break when the 3 members are back from college.  We are gonna go far.

So, here’s hoping I get a guitar for Christmas like I asked for.  Or at least money to buy one.


ps. i also can’t wait to go hang out in NYC with my girlfriend soon!!!

pps.  she did not tell me to write that.


2 Responses to “Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks.”

  1. emilythelime Says:

    just so you know….it’s called an iPod.
    not an I-Pod….


  2. Benjamin M. Says:

    even more obvious I couldn’t own one. or shouldn’t.

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