Winter Break-ing

Who breaks banisters with their shoulder?  Why break banisters with your shoulder?  Well, I met a kid who does just that: break banisters.

In other news,

My finals are over and its time to relax in sunny, warm, exciting…Connecticut.  Yep, going back home on Saturday.

I wrote a 1,800 word essay with a bibliography (thanks to Emily), and pictures with captions.  Is it sad that this is one of the longest papers I’ve ever written?  Its been maybe 4 years since I wrote a paper of similar length, but never about Japanese Tea Ceremonies.  I learned all I needed to know about the history and specific practices of Japanese Tea Ceremonies and preceded to write my paper the morning it was due over the course of about 6 hours.  But in reality, 3 hours(ish) was spent checking facebook and watching youtube videos and playing bejeweled blitz and showering and eating breakfast and watching the sun come up.  Procrastinate? Oh do I!

In other other news,

Apparently its a facebook fad to change your profile picture to a pokemon for the next month or so.  I was gonna do it maybe, but then my friend picked the pokemon I wanted to use and I didn’t want to look like a copy cat.  I was gonna pick Arcanine because I like the real life dog type I believe the pokemon is based off of: the bernese moutain dog.  So then I decided on a different pokemon: Kabutops.  It was an ancient and rare pokemon that most people don’t remember so I figured it’d be cool.  Then I realized posting a pokemon as your profile picture is not cool no matter what.

(which one is the pokemon?)

In other other other news,

Some thieves stole the Aushwitz sign?  What?



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