Believer, you’ll leave her, in leaving them all…


(no…but I don’t buy it).  Coheed and Cambria.  Good song.

Very Very long time since  I last posted. I think I just got bored with the whole ‘blogging although no one is reading’ thing.   I will probably be done blogging but who can say how long my hiatus will last this time.  I’m a very fickle being.

One thing I have noticed in the last few weeks is that someone or multiple people has or have been viewing my blog because they searched for “the ghastly grinner” on google and my blog came up in the search results.  now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing… I just can’t believe that so many people are nostalgic for one of Are You Afraid of The Dark’s lesser known episodes.  It doesn’t make sense that there would be such a spike in hits for both my blog and the ghastly grinner.  Maybe it’s me… just sleep google-searching.

If it’s the same person each time, expecting me to post more about Are You Afraid of the Dark or about the Ghastly Grinner… i’m so so saury (canadian for sorry) but i probably am done blogging about the show and that particular episode.  I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME?!!!!



Alabama, Arkansas…


I showed up my mom an’ pa.

song lyrics.

I just watched this video, figured I should post it. Internship is good, almost over.  deli is getting less stressful.   yay.

Hey smilin’ strange…


you lookin’ happily de-ranged.  Gotta love polaris from pete and pete’s opening.  they were a side project for the early indie band miracle legion.  I know music.  I’m so hipster.

Anywho, I’m working at UMass Medical now.  40 hours a week.  Pipetting, Centrifuging, Lyophilizing (freeze drying), Refrigerating, diluting, weighing, pooping, labeling vials, smelling volatile chemicals, dancing, replacing stock chemicals, measuring absorbance and fluorescence… everyday normal stuff.  especially the pooping. definitely normal.

Oh, and to follow up on my last post, my paper ended up being about 18 pages, i finished literally 24 minutes before my class.  I ended up writing about 4 pages in the last 2 hours which is pretty good for me, considering my history of procrastination.  I got an A.  Yay!

So lately i’ve been learning some songs on guitar using tabs.  I am not very good, but at least I know it.  I try real hard though.

Also foxes scream like dying women when they try to protect their territory.  I know this because two foxes kept me up until 3:00 last night with screaming.  Great: i’m finally getting over my fear of the dark and now freakin’ foxes are  there to wake me late at night thinking a ghost is attacking me.  Even with the windows closed the sound is still there.

Speaking of X-men, I can’t wait for the new X-men movies and spin-offs which should be coming out in the next year.  Also the marvel movies such as Thor.  Can’t wait.




also check out

awesome comedy.

“This is a brand new problem…


…a problem without any clues.  if you know the clues, it’s easy to get through.”  Thank you for that Futureheads.

So, still writing that 20 page paper, it’s looking like it’s gonna be about 15 pages instead.  but that’s okay.  Procrastination!!! (due in two days)

It’s getting to be so nice out I don’t really feel much like writing.  I can’t believe it’s about 80 to 85 degrees out today, it’s amazing.

Most important things that happened since I last posted:

I got an internship at UMass Medical School in a biology lab building yeast coatings for ingestible vaccines.  EXCITING! It’s unpaid however so I am currently looking for paying part-time work.  I applied to Shaw’s supermarkets.  I was encouraged by Emily to reapply because my answers to the personality questions may have been too honest on my part and she felt that a more dishonest but better looking application might get me the job.  She did get the job after all.  She also got a car.  and the internship.  Which means we’ll be living and working together this summer.  Yay!

Second most important things that happened since I last posted:

Empty Set had its D-term comedy show entitled Empty Set Pitches a Tent in the Beer Tree Forest.  It was a series of sketches that were unrelated told as ‘ghost’ stories by the members of Empty Set while we sat around the fire (Greg).  I played a large role in this show, I was in 4 or 5 of our 10 sketches (more roles than anyone else) and was even the main character in several of those.  I believe myself to be a funny guy and I think people are starting to receive my comedy better.   I have certainly gotten more laughs.

We then did a second show on Friday at the biannual Student Comedy Productions Comedy Festival.  We had a 40 minute slot and we had about an hour’s worth of show to do.  It was fun and exciting because it was a big stage in front of a larger crowd than I’m used to.  We presented 3 new sketches at this show but we would have put on 2 or 3 more new ones if we hadn’t been stressed for time.  We finished our bit with an interesting send off game of rake fight for the leaving seniors.

Speaking of leaving seniors, Reid, our current director, is leaving to go back to Washington state so we have to re-hold voting elections to pick a new director, so I could still have a shot.  I still don’t know for certain if I’m ready but I would certainly give the job my full attention.

Now I will close with a dumb yet funny video of some black kids dancing strange.

-ben “need a spotter?” morehouse

It’s been a long time…


…since i rock…and…….rolled?  “seriously ben you already used this lyric.  in fact you just used it in your last post.  in FACT it was the heading you used before.” Well at least i don’t talk to myself…SHEESH!

lots to say, lots to say.

so, i just registered for my classes for my junior year of college.  big year.  happening year.  bannerweb, the service our school uses to do course registration, is usually a nightmare on registration night.  luckily being a junior has the added privilege of not having to register at the same time as the sophomores and incoming freshman.  last year was terrible.  i had to wait about 45 minutes before the  website loaded so i could fill in the course registration numbers.   all the while dealing with servers crashing or whatever they do.  this year, i watched the time at the top of the page flip over from 9:59 to 10:00 and i was in and finished by the time it flipped to 10:02.  BOOYAH.  then i went back through to make sure i got everything i wanted and i did.  then i added in the (very) few available gyms: volleyball and walking for fitness.  Looks like i’m overloading with two classes in A-term.  macroeconomics and volleyball so it shouldn’t be too bad.  It feels really weird not registering for classes in D-term, i’m going away to AUSTRALIA!!!! yesss.

We had elections again in Empty Set.  I ran for Director, Producer, SCP rep.  basically everything.  and…got nothing.  I was a little pissed at first because i really am capable of leadership positions, that’s why i ran.  But, looking to next year, i think i’ll have a good chance at something.

I’m taking an inquiry seminar course which completes my humanities and arts requirement.  i have to write a 20 page paper.  i chose a topic i find interesting: natural theology.  I presented today in class.  I made an argument that i find pretty interesting as well: that all -ology’s fall under the heading of science because all ask questions to better understand the world (scientific inquiry) so why when we say theology do we immediately think religion? we should be thinking SCIENCE.  I’m proud to have came up with that one.  Anyway, now that i’m going to be a junior and i have more freedom in choosing my classes because most of the prerequisites are out of the way, i’ve been thinking about minoring in philosophy and religion.  apparently it only requires 2 more religion courses for me to take and another inquiry seminar.  i could do another inquiry seminar….but do i want to?  on top of IQP, MQP work i don’t know if i want another big writing class too.   although it would look good on paper to interviewers and it would show that i’m not just interested in the hard sciences but i can think critically too.  just something i’ll have to think about more… not much time left though….

I bought the game Dante’s Inferno for XBOX and already beat it twice.  it took about 10 hours the first time, 6 hours the second time playing through with loaded stats.  its a pretty interesting game where you fight your way through the 9 levels of hell while fighting off everything from giant worms with human teeth, to aborted and unbaptized babies complete with placentas still attached and…OH Yeah!…blades for arms.   Overall i give it a 9 on ben’s creepiness scale, an 8.5 on the fun-to-play scale, an 8.5 on the graphics scale, and a 7 on the diversity of attacks scale.  they tried to make the game like god of war with the chain-like scythe but its basically the same attack over and over for most of the game til you unlock other moves.  also you get a cross which shoots out a cross shaped beam of light in various directions (if you hold it down) which i have become accustomed to calling JESUS POWER.  this power is unbelievable because it really replaces any other attacks you may think you want to make.  all other attacks are less powerful (for the most part) and shoot over a shorter radius.  the JESUS POWER can even hit the flying bad-guys.

GOODNIGHT!.  yep both an exclamation point and a period.  yep.   .!. i just noticed that looks like a penis.

I think you’re a contra…


…but i don’t actually know what that means.  I think Vampire Weekend is just awesome.  Freakin’ sweet actually.  The new album Contra has a bunch of great stuff on it.  Songs like “Holiday” “California English” “Cousins” “Horchatta” – all interestingly clever melodies.  However, the title song “Contra”, is just terrible.  It’s slow and it doesn’t pick up.  Its a lot of weird high pitched runs, and I don’t even know what a Contra is.

Bryan finally moved out.  He had until the end of C-term to move out (his request) but he already had a place to move into since about two weeks ago.  Would you like to hear what the final straw was?   haha, no?  well, I’m a tell you anyway bitch!

Why was he being kicked out in the first place?  Having people over without asking permission and fucking up the common spaces (and in general being a dick).  What could have happened to make his upheaval from the household occur at an earlier date?  Having a person over without asking permission and fucking her up in her “uncommon” spaces.  yes i know, very clever of me.

Here’s how it went:  Emily, Sam, Justin and me were playing videogames until about 2:00.  Then ‘the party’ wound down a bit and sam went to bed whilst Justin waited for the snap van to come and pick him up.  It arrived and he went out the door.  I locked the door behind him.  A minute later the doorbell rings and luckily (i thought) i was still in the kitchen and i could let justin back in because he forgot something important.  I open the door and in comes a drunk-ass Bryan, back from a ‘sex on the beach’ party.  He gelled his hair up, and wore a wife-beater/swimtrunk combo outfit.  Looked like a tool.  And who does he bring back with him?  Some hoochie.  She shakes mine and emily’s hand and says her name is danielle except she shakes my left hand with her left hand upside-down.  She was drunk.  Emily says to Bryan that he can’t have her over and he puts on a drunken “whatever i’m a do what i want” attitude.  He brings her up to his room (around 2:30) and he starts talking shit to his chick about me and emily.  i hear danielle say “man, your roommates are assholes.”  The whole night I have to hold back Emily from barging in and kicking that girl out.  They start having ‘the sex’ and we can hear everything.  It lasts ~10mins.  I finally go to sleep at ~4 am.  Wake up in the morning and Bryan leaves the girl in his room for nearly 20 minutes as he goes to get his car from wherever its parked so he can drive it back to the house and pick the girl up and drive her wherever she lives (probably a brothel).  Emily calls her father and everyone decides its time for the kid to be kicked out.  Enough is enough (is enough i can’t go on i can’t go on no no no!).  that was a family guy reference if you were wondering.

Now our friend Anton is replacing Bryan next year.  In the meantime…..I have my own bathroom for the first time in my whole life!


ps.  I watch a lot of videos on   This is an old spice commercial that i think is funny.

It’s been a long time since I…


rock and rolled?  (lyrics people…lyrics).

I bet you thought I was gonna say “It’s been a long time since I….have posted on my blog…”  or something of the sort.  too bad.  I didn’t.  But you already knew that.

Well, lots of shit has been going on.  And I mean shit in the best and also the worst meaning of the word.

Firsty’s:  I got a guitar for christmas, oh yes I did.  And I am grateful I got it, but really it might have been better if my grandparents had just taken me to the guitar store and let me pick one out.  The colors are cool ( black glossy body, marbled white and red pick board).  The problem is that it feels really weird to hold, like its kind of rough on the neck and, well…i don’t know, its just weird to hold.  FUNNY STORY: I broke the 6th string off a few days after getting it, luckily it came with replacements strings.  Unluckily i don’t know how to restring a guitar (and still don’t).  My friend mike and I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to change the string, we even took the back off the guitar to see what the problem was but it turns out that wasn’t really necessary.  Finally got it restrung and tuned and then realized i don’t know how to play guitar anyway.  but i am learning…slowly.

Secondsy’s:  Visited the girly in New York City.  We had a pretty great time except this one restaurant, which offered a coupon online, was no longer accepting the online coupons (it was a pretty significant coupon value and without it, we could not afford the restaurant).  I planned on bringing her back to connecticut on tuesday but then she let me know that we had to stay and go to dinner with her dad’s second cousin’s son.  he’s german.  he’s also like an awesome freelance computer programmer and he’s currently falling asleep on the fold out bed in the living room of 21 Drury Lane.  back to story: so we ate dinner.  then i figured leave wednesday right?  wrong.  thursday?  yep.  so i stayed for a very long time at emily’s appartment and then brought her back to my place in CT where we watched home videos of myself and my brothers.  i took her to kent, CT where i grew up, we visited the waterfall there.

Thirdsy’s (sounds like thursdays): My roommate bryan is being kicked out of the house because of general disrespect and lack of common courtesy as well as breaking one of the house rules.  To keep things simple, he fucked up a good thing early on.  I heard he already has a place to move into but for whatever reason he has chosen to remain here until the end of c-term.

Forthsy’s: I’m going to Australia for my IQP.  Very excited for that.  I like kangaroos.  Next D-term (march through april) i’ll be working on an interactive qualifying project that will likely deal with fire protection.  because apparently australia hasn’t heard about fire -extinguishers yet.  and that really grinds my gears.

Fifthsy’s:  Classes started again.  I think WPI has one of the shortest winter breaks (December 18th through January 14th).  It’s unfair until you realize we also get 10 day breaks between A-B term, C-D term, and also get out for summer vacation on like may 3.  Anyway……….. classes started again.  i tried to get into a physics class and get out of my behavioral ecology class because I realized i didn’t have an interest in behavioral ecology and no need for taking the class.  But i couldn’t get in to physics even though i was on the waiting list.  so i’m stuck in behavioral ecology.  and i’m in a group with people i don’t know.  and we have written a paper and also done a powerpoint presentation…on ants and the fungal inhabitants of their gardens.  wild I know!!!  like I said…i don’t have an interest in behavioral ecology.  I’m also taking organic chemistry 2 with professor macdonald and its going well so far.  i got a 25/25 on the first quiz and i feel okay about the test i just took.  i’m also in experimental chemistry 1:introduction to instrumental analysis, its 3 hour labs 3 times a week.  Its kinda shaky right now.  a little overwhelmed by the post lab questions.

Sixthy’s/Lasty’s:  My comedy group “Empty Set” is doing a show this term with the other two comedy groups “GI” and “Kilroy”.  Its superhero themed.  But the organization of the whole thing does not seem…     organized.

-ben “buys too many rockband songs” morehouse

ps. now that we have a blender, i make applejuice slushies like ev-er-y-day.

pps.   1 year tomorrow. 1 very amazing/confusing/weird year.  🙂

Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks.


So.   I have a Zune. 8 GB.  Red.  I got it about 3 Christmases ago.  I asked for an I-Pod like everyone else had.  What do I get?  A Zune.  But its Okay.  I’ve come to terms with the special ability my parents have.  The ability to buy things that are almost exactly the same as the thing you want, but just a tad-bit cheaper and less universal.  ‘Knock-off’s” if you will.  Not to say that my Zune is bad.  I love my Zune.  Its red.  Its awesome.  It runs out of charge without even being on….It’s awesome.  But in all seriousness, I think it’d be pretty hard for me to get an I-Pod after having a Zune.  I’ve gotten too used to it.

I have only 307 songs, and oh…what’s this?  Its telling me I have 50 pictures?  I never put any pictures on it.  For one obvious reason…its a….music….playing….device.  I’ve only used 1.83 GB’s of space.  Awesome.  I’m so lame with my Zune.  Some of the songs my brother accidentally uploaded onto it.  So not even all that space I used (so much space) is my own.  Also a lot of that space is taken up by the Family Guy Movie which I ‘legally’ downloaded from Limewire.  The other important video to note is paramore-misery business.  I was obsessed with that song for a little while… ok.  fine. still obsessed.

Oh, we’re coming to the point of this post.  And the title.

So, everyone loves Panic!atTheDisco.  But I doubt most people have a shitty-ass live version of Nine in the Afternoon where the lead singer says the same lines over and over again because he can’t remember his own songs.  “Back to the street where we began, feeling as good as lovers can you know, feelings so good.   Back to the street where we began, feeling as good as love as you could as you can?”  I added the question mark.

Anyway, the title of this post is Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks.  An oldy but a goody, I guess.  The version I got from Limewire (once again ‘legally’) apparently is not the original version or at least not the most known version.  My version (probably accompanied by 100 viruses from Limewire) is practically acoustic.  Its like an awkward remix with a techno backbeat that fades in and out as the song progresses and the lead singer really makes it awkward by singing almost completely in a retarded kind of falcetto that really makes you wonder how the band actually made any money.  I can’t be the only one who loves but also hates the sound of Panic at the Disco.  It doesn’t make sense, but I like to listen to the dissonance and the flat notes that aren’t meant to be flat.

Well, my life is going fine if you were wondering, internet.  I got 50 dollars today from my grandma in the mail.  I’m done with my Christmas shopping.

I have a band with my two friends mike and adam.  we’re experimental funk/punk/rock/jazz alternative.  we’re known as Blue Spruce (not to be confused with Big Blue Spruce, a recent band from PA  I play guitar, bass, and do lead vocals.  Occasional keyboard.  Mike plays primarily base, sometimes guitar.  Adam plays drums, keyboard, backup-vocals.  We are so cool.  Adam wants to call the band TCR or TRC or something, and every album we produce will be called something that has the initials T, R, and C.  Dumb.  Blue Spruce is a much better name for a group that gets together two or three times during winter break when the 3 members are back from college.  We are gonna go far.

So, here’s hoping I get a guitar for Christmas like I asked for.  Or at least money to buy one.


ps. i also can’t wait to go hang out in NYC with my girlfriend soon!!!

pps.  she did not tell me to write that.

Winter Break-ing


Who breaks banisters with their shoulder?  Why break banisters with your shoulder?  Well, I met a kid who does just that: break banisters.

In other news,

My finals are over and its time to relax in sunny, warm, exciting…Connecticut.  Yep, going back home on Saturday.

I wrote a 1,800 word essay with a bibliography (thanks to Emily), and pictures with captions.  Is it sad that this is one of the longest papers I’ve ever written?  Its been maybe 4 years since I wrote a paper of similar length, but never about Japanese Tea Ceremonies.  I learned all I needed to know about the history and specific practices of Japanese Tea Ceremonies and preceded to write my paper the morning it was due over the course of about 6 hours.  But in reality, 3 hours(ish) was spent checking facebook and watching youtube videos and playing bejeweled blitz and showering and eating breakfast and watching the sun come up.  Procrastinate? Oh do I!

In other other news,

Apparently its a facebook fad to change your profile picture to a pokemon for the next month or so.  I was gonna do it maybe, but then my friend picked the pokemon I wanted to use and I didn’t want to look like a copy cat.  I was gonna pick Arcanine because I like the real life dog type I believe the pokemon is based off of: the bernese moutain dog.  So then I decided on a different pokemon: Kabutops.  It was an ancient and rare pokemon that most people don’t remember so I figured it’d be cool.  Then I realized posting a pokemon as your profile picture is not cool no matter what.

(which one is the pokemon?)

In other other other news,

Some thieves stole the Aushwitz sign?  What?


Son of a Bitch I’m Dancing!


I think its pretty clear I have an odd taste in…well…everything.  Here’s another example of something I enjoy.

The song isn’t that great until the chorus but I like how they model there sound after R.E.O. Speedwagon.

I guess I’m just assuming thats the sound they were looking for.

Jesus the Christ I’m Dancing!

They just made a new video, It’s funny, but I think the first one is maybe better… except the end of the second one is better.





oh yeah, just remembered I thought their style sounded familiar…